Get Flight PNR Status

Here you can check the real time PNR status of your Indian, domestic and international flights of all airlines operating in India and overseas. Airways and airlines offer you one of the best ways of travelling. It is also well-known that travelling from airplane is the most secure and luxurious way of journey. Airways not only reduced the time taken in the journey but also provide us a safe mode. The days when there were no airplane or flights, people were forced to travel by trains or other sources of transportation which were time consuming and costly. But, with the introduction of flights, it has now become easier to travel long distance in just few hours.

Click on the respective link to check the flight PNR status of a ticket booked from any of below airways.

1. AirIndia Flight Status

2. Spicejet Flight Status

3. Indigo Flight Status

4. Go air Flight Status

5. Jet Airways Flight Status

Check Flight PNR Status

When you book a flight ticket from any of above airlines or any other airline, you are given a Flight PNR number in your ticket similar to Railways PNR number, which can be used to check and confirm the current status of your booked ticket. You can easily check the PNR status of your flight ticket here on this website or on the official website of the particular airlines.

Steps to check your Flight PNR Status

PNR is a short name used to reference the Passenger Name Record, which is associated with a particular flight ticket booked by any airways. The PNR number is usually located at the top of your ticket and it can be used to check the current booking status of your flight tickets. The PNR number is associated with a ticket, not with the number of passengers. A single PNR can store the information of multiple passengers in the same ticket.

1. Enter your PNR number in the given field.
2. Clickon “Get Status” button to check your PNR status.
3. Status will appear on screen

Once your ticket gets confirmed, you will see the confirmation symbol in the status.