Check PNR Status

PNR Status: Passenger Name Record (PNR) playing an important part for passenger traveling in railway. The PNR status is playing whole and sole role in ones journey. It's actually 10 digit unique number assign by Railway to passengers indicating ticket number of passengers. When any passenger books his or her seat in railway, a ticket is given which carry a PNR number. You can conform about your Seat by check PNR Status. It can be termed as travel record maintained by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) in their Centralized Reservation System containing entire details of passenger such as Name, Gender, Age, Contact and also journey details like Train Number, Class, Berth Preference, Boarding Date, Boarding Point, Destination amongst others. This number is unique for every passenger and very important to know the status of booking seat. The details of PNR number is as follow.

About Indian Railway: Indian Railway is one of the largest public transport networks. A huge number of people travel daily across the nation through railway. It was started at the time of British Raj and with the passing of time it makes its root stronger and improves to the level. Now it gives quality facilities to passengers and also making their travel to be comfortable one. Among its qualities allotment of PNR number is one of the important facilities. It allow passenger to check his or her current status.

PNR status

Peopel who booked their Railway Ticket and want to know about their Seat no. and birht Details. They can Check their Ticket conformation details by Check PNR Status. You can Check here your PNR by enter 10 Digit Number in above displyed box and click on Get Status Button. By clicking on the Get Status Button your PNR, Railway Ticket Details will be show on the screen.

What is PNR Status?

The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record. It's actually a ticket number mention on every ticket on top left side. PNR number is always a unique number for every passenger and consists of 10 digits. This number is very important number for fetching information about journey of passenger. Passenger when book his or her ticket, then details of passenger like name, age, address, mobile number, journey date, train by which journey will be done etc. is recorded by railway and a unique number is allotted to every passenger termed as PNR number. From this PNR number passenger can check his or her confirmation details about the ticket.

How to check IRCTC PNR status:

The railway system is one of the largest among all systems for public transport. Every day lakhs of people book their seats. But due to limitation of seats, it cannot give a confirmed ticket to everyone. There is lots of waiting passengers and chance of passenger's ticket to be confirmed, goes into queue. However ticket is given to passenger without confirmation of ticket. At this time PNR number comes to be useful. Passenger can check his confirmation status by PNR number before the journey date. If the waiting passengers are less then there is a chance that ticket gets confirm.

How to get confirmation status details description is given below:

Key-Steps to Check PNR Status: -

1. To check PNR status you can log on to official website of railway
2. Now click on PNR status option and you will be redirected to new page.
3. Now, enter your PNR number as mention on your ticket (Top left) and click on get status.
4. The details about your status will on displayed on your screen

The PNR status is changes before the final list is prepared, done 4 hours prior departure of train. In railway abbreviation is used. So passenger gets confused with some abbreviation used. Here are those PNR abbreviations:

Indian Railway Booking Process "How It Works":

The work of Indian Railway is very vast. It comprises a lot of works and provides quality services to passengers. The ticket booking is one of the everyday routine works. It's very simple process. Here we are describing how ticket booking system works.

When all the seats of train are booked then system release RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) , when all the RAC Quota is exhausted WL i.e. Wait list tickets are generated. If any passenger cancels his or her confirmed ticket cancelled then the next number of passenger in a queue get the confirmation chance. It also happens sometime that when final chart is prepared before departure of train, if seats are available then passenger of W/L get confirmed seat.

If your ticket is WL5/WL3 then it indicates that you joined at wait list number 5 when you book your ticket but now due to cancellation of other tickets now you moved at position number 3. The scenarios can be understood in the three conditions which are mention below:

i. 1.WL#/ WL# - Waitlisted: Cannot board the Train
ii. 2. WL#/RAC# - RAC: You can board the train but may have to share a berth.
iii. 3. WL#/CNF - Confirmed: You can board the train with confirmed berth.

PNR Abbreviations:

1. CNF: Confirmed (PNR status is confirmed and Coach/Berth number will be available after final chart preparation)
2. RAC : Reservation against Cancellation (A birth will be assigned even if the ticket is not confirmed)
3. WL : Waiting List Number (No birth will be assigned. WL Tickets booked through IRCTC website/app will get cancelled automatically if not confirmed until chart preparation)
4. GNWL : General Wait List. This is having highest number of seats. This is applicable if the source station of passenger and source station of train are same. There is a great chance of getting ticket confirmation
5. PQWL : Pooled Quota Wait List. This is a waiting status when a ticket is booked through Railway quota. For every important sub routes, a pooled quota is kept, if sub route deserves to its own quota. This is having limited seats as compared to GNWL.
6. RLWL : Remote Location Wait List. A waiting ticket is issued to passenger. Every station is consisting of number of Remote Location Quotas, with affixed number of seats each. When passenger's source station is one of these marked stations, or station after that, at this condition RLWL is applicable
7. CAN / MOD : Cancelled or Modified Ticket
8. REGRET/WL : No More Ticket Booking allowed

Check PNR Status by SMS and call:

The ticket confirmation of IRCTC Passenger Name Record (PNR) can also be checked by SMS, call support or email. This facility is only provided to those, who give their valid phone number and email id. The whole detail information is given along with the coach number, birth number. Ones the confirmation is done for the ticket, passenger get confirmation message on his or her registered mobile number. Here is the way how to check PNR Status by SMS. This is one of an offline PNR status checking.

In order to check by SMS you have to send your PNR number by SMS to 5676747 and 139.

PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747

PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 139

Get PNR status:

The PNR numbers thus an important number. It helps a lot for passenger to get an information and make ones journey easy. This type of railway enquiry proves to be fruit full for railway and passenger as well.


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